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About us

HIGH QUALITY DISCUS IS OUR SPECIALTY!  We here at Exotic Discus not only have some of the best discus and prices around, but we also have the largest selection of discus in the Chicago land and the Midwest.  We can ship discus to anyone in the United States (We have a cheaper shipping rate than most sellers!).  Please get in touch with us for more info.    

To see our current discus stock list and pictures, please click on below tab. 



located in Oak Forest, IL 60452.  (South Chicago )  All visits are by appointment only.  Please call 815-557-3966 or email us at if you have any questions or if scheduling an appointment.  


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Exotic        Discus

Please let us know when you'd like to receive your order.  You can let us know by using ADD NOTE TO SELLER on the shopping cart page before checkout.  All shipping is via FedEx or UPS overnight - arriving next day at or before 10:30 am (some rural areas may take up to noon delivery time).  We here at Exotic Discus have 100%  live arrival guarantee.  If any reason, the fish is dead upon arrival, we will reimburse the total cost of the fish, including shipping charge.  We are highly confident with our shipping method and know that the fish will arrive in good condition.  Other sellers will only reimburse for the fish but not the shipping charge.  Of course, we don’t feel that’s right!  It’s not the customer’s fault if the fish somehow die before reaching their new home.  We have no issue reimbursing the total amount, including shipping, as long as the following conditions are present:

   1. You must be available to receive the fish when delivered.

   2. You must notify us of the problem within one hour of receiving the                     shipment. (Phone call is the preferred method of contact in this         situation). 

​   3. You must provide a picture or video of the deceased fish in the original, sealed bag.  (We may also require you to take pictures of the deceased fish out of the bag.

We reserve the right to postpone shipping in cases of extreme weather conditions!  

                                             Quarantine and Acclimation


Whenever you get new discus fish, it’s always a good idea to quarantine them before adding them into your main display tank. The purpose of this is it allows you to inspect your new discus and to be sure that they are healthy.  It will also give them time to recuperate after their travel and enable the fish to get used to you and their new environment.  New discus can also face territorial aggression initially from discus you may already have in the tank.  The stress from shipping, new environment, and territorial aggression can be overwhelming for the new discus to handle all at once - that is why it's essential to ensure all newly discus have fully recuperated from shipping and that they’re eating aggressively before adding them to the main display tank.

                                         QT/Holding tank recommendations


Small tank 10-30gal 


Small heater to keep temp around 85F


A constant small amount of air bubbles running (please note, too much surface agitation from too many air bubbles can cause stress to discus).  


Low Flow Filter that has mechanical and biological filtration. (Please note: Discus prefer a calm environment. If the water current is too strong from the filter it can cause stress to the discus).   


QT/Holding Tank light should not be too bright.     


To help your new Discus acclaimate after they arrive.


1. Turn the QT/Holding tank light off and place the closed bags into the aquarium and float for approximately 30 minutes for the temperature to be adjusted.


2. Place fish into the QT/holding tank.  We recommended to keep tank light off for 24 hours.  


3. It can take new fish from 24 hours to few days to adjust to their new environment and up to a week before they ultimately settle in, so be patient. You can give them their first feeding after few hours if they don’t seem stressed.  Frozen Brine Shrimp is an excellent first choice.


4. Do daily water changes and vacuum the tank bottom of waste and uneaten food. 

5. It’s recommended to keep new fish in QT/holding tank for minimum of 2 weeks.  If you don’t see any signs of stress and they’re all eating aggressively, you can place them into the main  display tank.  

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