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    • Product Specs

      The Finnex Unibody Ultra Slim Monster RAY LED is a unique fixture developed to highlight user's most prized aquatics including Arowanas, Flower horns, Discus fish, etc. Using the body of Finnex's popular RAY 2 LEDs, two rows of multi-colored were inserted. The combination of all LEDs intensifies all colors of the aquatic inhabitants, creating an aquarium of true show pieces. Each LED bulb consists of 3 fixed colors: Red, Green and Blue. Though the unit is stylishly slim built, the LEDs have a optical spread of 120 degrees. All models feature a moisture resistant PC Splash Guard to protect against water mishaps. The durable high output LED bulbs are built to last 40,000+ hours. A unique leg fixture allows this LED light to mount on various sized aquariums and sump setups.


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