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Pearl 9.5-10in
  • Pearl 9.5-10in

    High Quality Discus and Stingrays are Our Specialty!  These were bred by Tony Tan - IP Discus of Malaysia. All Stingray pictures are actual tank pictures taken from our facility and they're current.  We update new pictures with each shipment!

      High Quality Discus.  All of our discus are bred by Top Professional breeders.  


      If for any reason the fish is dead upon arrival, we will reimburse the full cost of the fish, including shipping charge. That's how confident we are with our shipping method and know that the fish will arrive to you in good condition. Other sellers will only reimburse for the fish but not the shipping charges. We have no issue reimbursing the full amount, including shipping, as long as the following conditions are met:

      ​1. You must be available to receive the fish when they are delivered.

       2. You must notify us with the problem within one hour of receiving the                     shipment. (Phone call 815-557-3966) is the preferred method of contact in this situation). 

      ​   3. You must provide a picture or video of the deceased fish in the original, sealed bag(s).  (We may also require you to take pictures of the deceased fish out of the bag(s)


      All shipping is Via FedEx or UPS overnight - arriving next day at or before 10:30am.  Please send us a note (in the view shopping cart screen - send seller a note) before you check out to let us know on what day you'd like to receive your order.  


    Please click on the white dots above for more pictures on this strain!

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